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Vastu Vridhi

Vastu Vridhi helps you create an optimal and balanced environment by aligning your premises with the norms of Vastu Shastra.



Are you looking for a better match? Not satisfied with the current proposals?
Not getting the suitable match!
Vastu Vridhi has the solution for you.


Vansh Vridhi

Vastu cannot replace the medical science but it can, certainly prove to be of Great Help!!


Vastu Designer

We are one of the Best Vastu Home Designer.


Vastu Consultancy

At Vastu Vridhi we provide Vastu Consultancy at your premises. The consulting process begins with the site visit followed by drawing up a to scale plan of the premises. Precise measurements are taken and only after that is the compass applied for direction by determining the exact center of the house.

We then match the symptoms to the entrance effects of the house and proceed only when there is a 100% match. We then move further and activities in the 16 zones and anti elements within them are checked.

Once all the information is gathered you get a precise report on what changes have to be made. Through various Vastu techniques we go about rectifying defects and balancing the 5 elements. Usually it takes about 4-5 days for the changes to start taking effect.

We do not suggest demolitions as part of the rectification process. We do however suggest certain activity relocation.

Consultancy Includes:
1. Site Visit
2. Detailed Vastu Report
3. Rectification Report
4. Remedies and their application procedures

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