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Vastu Vridhi

Vastu Vridhi helps you create an optimal and balanced environment by aligning your premises with the norms of Vastu Shastra.



Are you looking for a better match? Not satisfied with the current proposals?
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Vastu Vridhi has the solution for you.


Vansh Vridhi

Vastu cannot replace the medical science but it can, certainly prove to be of Great Help!!


Vastu Designer

We are one of the Best Vastu Home Designer.


Vastu Remedies

Vastu Remedies are correction of Vastu faults in a space such as a home or office. Remedies are carried out using various techniques such as purification, change of activities, colours, the use of symbols, space enhancement etc.

Before going in for any remedies it is important to understand why and what are the problematic factors. The self application of remedies without proper guidance can cause the negative effects to intensify. At Vastu Vridhi we apply techniques that do not require any demolition and are very easy and inexpensive to carry out. We understand the limitations of space today and have based the entire procedure of rectification keeping in mind the present day scenario.

A common Myth busted:

Myth: Entrance from South not good.

Truth: Some of the most successful business men have south facing houses. It depends on which of the 8 internal zones within the south direction does your entrance lie.