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Vastu Vridhi

Vastu Vridhi helps you create an optimal and balanced environment by aligning your premises with the norms of Vastu Shastra.



Are you looking for a better match? Not satisfied with the current proposals?
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Vastu Vridhi has the solution for you.


Vansh Vridhi

Vastu cannot replace the medical science but it can, certainly prove to be of Great Help!!


Vastu Designer

We are one of the Best Vastu Home Designer.


Vastu Tips

Here are some Free Vastu Tips to get you started!

  • 1. Try sleeping with your head towards the South Direction.
  • 2. Try to avoid toilets in the North.
  • 3. Avoid sleeping or keeping your money in the Disposal Zone of your premises.
  • 4. Clutter, Garbage or Anti Elements in the South East Zone can cause loss of money and accidents for the occupants.
  • 5. Pyramids can enhance the energy of a space by 108 times but consult a professional before placing them as they can have negative effects if placed wrongly.
  • 6. Do not place pyramids on a wall or on the ceiling. Have them on the ground.
  • 7. Avoid having a Lord Ganesha statue at the entrance of the house. Also do not place back to back Lord Ganesha statues at the entrance of your house.
  • 8. Place your mirrors on East or North walls.
  • 9. Keep the bathroom and toilet door closed as much as possible.
  • 10. Amongst the beneficial plants, the best is Tulsi. It is commendable to keep at least one Tulsi plant in the North, North-East or East area of the premises.
  • 11. Hire a professional Vastu Consultant who understands how Vastu functions.