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Vastu Vridhi

Vastu Vridhi helps you create an optimal and balanced environment by aligning your premises with the norms of Vastu Shastra.



Are you looking for a better match? Not satisfied with the current proposals?
Not getting the suitable match!
Vastu Vridhi has the solution for you.


Vansh Vridhi

Vastu cannot replace the medical science but it can, certainly prove to be of Great Help!!


Vastu Designer

We are one of the Best Vastu Home Designer.


Vastu For Office

Vastu for Office depends on the nature of business you're into. A common myth today is that entrances should be only from the North, East or North East directions. The fact is that West and South facing shops or offices are some of the most successful today. As there are 32 possible entrance locations to a property it is important to get the exact degrees of the entrance to understand the possible outcomes.

One must check which of the 16 zones is best suited for his business and then place things accordingly. No one direction suits everyone; therefore it is always advised to hire a professional Vastu consultant before making any changes.